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Renuka Camel Safari

Renuka Camel Safaris have been operating and working with the same local desert tribal guides since 1988, making us the most experience operator in Jaisalmer. Our tribal guides love and extensive knowledge of the desert environment will ensure you have a fun, authentic and safe experience of a lifetime, in off the beaten track parts of the desert unknown to other tour operators.
Before reaching the camel station on the edge of the desert, your tour will take you to natural a natural rain oasis where you will have the opportunity to take photos and freshen up in the small natural lake. Cold beers and soft drinks can be arranged, but please give us advance notice to ensure the is no disappointment! After this we will take you to an old fort with amazing view of old villages and landscapes, and if you a lucky you will get see wild Peacocks in the natural environment – a Truly Magical Experience.

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Renuka Camel Safaris have numerous tour package options, as found below. Unlike other tour operators, we have been working with the same experienced, tribal guides since 1988, own our own base camp and little piece of desert paradise. Therefore, we can easily accommodate any special requests or wishes our customers may have. As well as the many predefined package tours you will find on our website, unlike other operators, we can even offer our customers the option of sitting down with us, and creating tours tailor made to your specific requirements and wishes. By doing so, we ensure you get exactly what you want, how you want it.
We can guarantee you a magical and unforgettable desert camel safari of a lifetime! And for all the above reasons, our reputation proceeds us!

Non-Toristic , Jaisalmer
Half Day Safari

Jeep transportation ( from Jaisalmer, to Jaisalmer), Visit monuments & villages, One hour and a half camel ride into the authentic desert (NO Windmills)

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Non-Toristic , Jaisalmer
Overnight Non Touristic Camel Safari

Jeep transport, Visit a abandoned village & natural pond, Two hour camel ride into the authentic desert Sunset over dunes, Delicious dinner over the open fire

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Non-Toristic , Jaisalmer
24 Hours Safari

8:00Am to 11:00Am (Next Day)
Visit monuments, Interact with tribes & gypsies, Witness village life,Sleep under the stars

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Non-Toristic , Jaisalmer
Deep desert Safari

3 Days
From 8:00Am to 5:00Pm (Last Day)
Total relaxation with landscape views of magnificent wildlife, All the magnificent experiences of the previous tours

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